Hidden Art Wood Pop Up art exhibition at Queenswood

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Young people accessing SHYPPs media and arts project (mediaSHYPP) created and curated a unique outdoor pop up art exhibition entitled ‘Hidden Art Wood’.  For inspiration and research the young people visited the local archives centres, art exhibitions and a butterfly zoo(!) and worked on delevloping their individual responses to environmental issues with a focus on new concepts relating to Biomimicry. The responses were varied in style and approach from forged metal work to oil painting.  Memebers of the public discovered the exhbition and explored the theme with the young artists themselves.

The was a project funded by the Herefordshire Community Foundation www.herefordshirecf.org and was in partnership with local artist Jaime Jackson from www.saltroad.org.uk/about/ respresting New Leaf and Queenswood county park.  The project delivery was also supported by local artists

Joe Hemming – joe.hemming.39       www.joehemmingart.weebly.com

and Levi Cooke – its_leviosar

Please do check out the photos in the gallery which will be continually updated and also read the comments below made by some of the young poeple who accessed the project:-



I made two pieces for the art project Hidden Art Wood. The first piece I made was a huge tree. The base of of the tree was made from a log. The four branches were made from long metal rods, that i forged myself. I bent the branches, so that they would curve over peoples heads. I then forged scrolls at the end of each branch. I put camouflage netting over top of the branches to make it look like the tree had leaves. within the camo netting I made blank tags, so that people could write their own personal messages on them. I wanted this piece to be interactive to the public.

the second piece I used was from a previous project that I was apart of, called mid way beyond. However, I organised it into a different format to create a different piece, to how it was show cased before. out of this piece I created a totem tree.

I have taken part in exhibitions before, however, they have all be indoors not outdoors. It was such a nice experience having my work displayed at Queenswood.

I had high expectations for the project because the others that were work on the project are very creative. I also expected not to finish my piece as it was going to be so big.

Forging something so big when I am only 5ft 1ins was very hard to do indeed. To overcome this hurdle that I was facing I had to have somebody to help me hold the metal rods as I forged them.

I liked working with other people to create a big exhibition. It ought me that I could work in a bigger group to what i actually use to working with.

The exhibition was amazing with peoples’ very different outlooks and interpretations on the theme of biomimicry. All the piece displayed all complimented each other perfectly. We had great reception, which made me feel good and more confident about showcasing more of my work in the future.

I had the opportunity to work with amazing up and coming artist and tutors, that also are very inspiring. I also gained more confidence in my ability as an artist. plus the opportunity to actually show case my work.

Thank you to everyone that could make this project go ahead and helped us all to be successful with all the encouragement you gave us.   


My project was about bio mimicry and the implications of nature vs nurture in biological psychology. I wanted to personify the surrealist concept of freud’s theory of the battle of father vs son and with freudian logic as opposed to the mother-esque views in naturalistic situations.

I faced a few challenges in the exhibition such as the weather it was mainly environmental factors, ironically.

It was a weird experience for me, working in a group as i am used to solo projects but the exhibition was amazing and highly successful. In general i was very nervous about showcasing my work but the public were intrigued in a positive manner. the project has helped me to become more confident in groups and being in leadership role.



My project was a painting of a post apocalyptic scene of the black and white house in Hereford

I had never done anything like this before i had only done basic sketches before and never painted.

In all honesty i thought that the end product would be crap.

I was challenged by using different painting techniques as well as things such as brush control and paint mixing

working with other people presented both challenges and opportunities for me. they would suggest certain techniques that helped me improve on my skill as well as alterations to my artwork that i saw as not necessary.

I got the chance to display my artwork and this was a great way to boost my self confidence regarding my skill.


Short Film Showcase at Borderlines Film Festival 2019!

Media Mentors

Following on from our curated short film showcase at the B2 festival last year, Borderlines Film Festival approached us to do the same again at the main festival.  We put togther a selection of thought provoking, challenging, funny, sad and strange(!) films which we showcased at the Courtyard Studio yesterday to and audience of over 50 people!  We also used the opportunity to share about SHYPPs work and our next exhibition project – outdoor exhibition in Queenswood in April…

“Over a period of a few weeks we selected a number of short films to be compiled and shown within the Borderlines Film Festival. We felt “Dinner For Few” was particularly apt in the modern political climate and illustrated a seemingly inescapable cycle set in motion by those in authority. The graphic visual imagery and multiple layers of meaning worked together to create a strong impact on the audience and potentially challenge views or open minds to look at the ‘system’ more objectively – something which is increasingly important in the present day when many find it easier to close their minds out of fear.

“The Cat Piano” was similarly dark themed but had greater emphasis on spoken language in co-ordanance with fast moving graphic. We particularly liked the eloquence and poetic qualities as well as the contrasting style of animation the film possessed.

Two of us elected to stand up before the screening of the films we chose in order to talk about what we were there to show. There were about 60 people in the audience and it was very nerve-wracking standing up in front of so many people. Nevertheless, we were able to do it successfully. After the screening we spoke again about mediaSHYPP’S upcoming events – this time we felt more comfortable speaking because we had already done it once. In the end we were both glad we chose to do this because we are so passionate about the work we do both independently and with SHYPP”


50 Faces Exhibition, mediaSHYPP and Herefordshire MIND

Media Mentors

Below is from a press release about our current exhibition at The Courtyard, Hereford. Enjoy!


“An inspiring art exhibition is challenging perceptions of mental health and homelessness.


Our Supported Housing for Young People Project (SHYPP) worked with mental health charity Herefordshire MIND on an exhibition called 50 Faces.


The exhibition, displayed at the Courtyard in Hereford, shows the faces of people who are touched by the work of MIND and SHYPP either personally or professionally.


Kie Cummings, Media and Training Co-ordinator for SHYPP, said: “We wanted to create something that was fun and spontaneous and since the Courtyard theatre are having their panto season – something a bit theatrical.


“The images were taken by young people accessing our arts and media project mediaSHYPP, who also turned the camera on themselves for a few shots. We hope that the diverse cross-section of our joint communities are shown in the portraits and that the faces give a sense of positivity and meaning in recognition of our mental health.”

Herefordshire Mind Manager, Alicia Lawrence, said: “This project was a inspiring piece of partnership work between Herefordshire Mind and the young people of mediaShypp. It is great to raise awareness that everyone experiences mental health and challenge some of the negative perceptions.”


B2 Film Festival

Media Mentors

We are really proud to be part of the first B2 Film Festival in partnership with Borderlines Film Festival.  Check out some of the images from our curated short film night “Phrase and Frame” at De Koffee Pot on Thursday 18th Oct and a shot from outside the kiosk at the Old Market in Hereford on Friday 19th Oct, where the festival continued, showing some short films by @flatpackfilmfestival @catchermedia @ruralmedia @animationjamuk @anim18uk check it out! For the rest of the programme visit films



Media Mentors

Midway Beyond

Growth Transition Change

Midway Beyond is a contemporary mixed media exhibition by young people engaging in the mediaSHYPP project part of SHYPP (Supported Housing for Young People Project) taking place in the Gallery at The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford. This unique project connects young people with established artists and practitioners in the exploration of creativity, art and meaning. Following a series of meetings, discussions and workshops, the produced works offer an alternative narrative on art production and youth culture. Young people selected works from the artists, curating the exhibition alongside their own original creative responses.

Young artists

Marcus Brown

Sadie Carter

Heidi Fassam

Ashley Harris

Laura Watkin

Established Artists

James Baker

Levi Cooke

Matias Serra Delmar

Joe Hemming

Simon Meiklejohn

A special thank you to all of the artists for volunteering their time and to James Baker from Hereford MAKE for providing excellent studio facilities to produce the work and to David Durant and staff at the Courtyard for supporting the ongoing development of the project. Please consider following the mediaSHYPP project online by visiting


Consider supporting the ongoing development of the project by becoming a Friend of SHYPP

Your comments and feedback are most welcome! Thanks and enjoy!
Kie Cummings

October, 2018
Email: kie.cummings@wmhousing.co.uk

Read artists comments on the project below:


“It feels strange to see my work up amongst more establish artists, as they have been doing their profession longer than I have. However, I felt a level of achievement to have my work alongside theirs. This made me feel proud of what I managed to produce. Working with the professional artists was great because they gave us great advice that I could use and provided help when we all needed it. They never put us down. They encouraged us to produce work to the best of our ability if not beyond that. I enjoyed the whole project from start to finish, so it’s hard to pinpoint a highlight. however, I did enjoy working with professionals because we could learn different styles from them as they all had different approaches to the art world. I also loved the fact that I had made my own symbols/language up from scratch that only I could understand. This project has made me feel a bit more confident in my ability as an artist and I am looking forward to future projects.”


“My primary goal was to make a piece that my grandparents would enjoy, the exhibition was a secondary goal but I am pleased the public enjoyed the work I produced. To work with an artist was eye opening and enjoyable. James who taught me the necessary processes to produce my piece was . Practical work was the most enjoyable part, however I enjoyed the creative design and prototype phases of creation. In the future I will learn the required processes and techniques to become a blade smith, thanks to this project I feel like I have gained a decent foothold on the progression path to becoming a Master Blade Smith.”


“Taking part in this project has been a humbling experience, the quality of the work produced by the young people of SHYPP is outstanding. I have been pushed to think about what makes an artist an artist, what gives them the right, or the credibility, to label themselves as such. One of the most challenging aspects of working with beginner artists is convincing them to just try something new. And after some encouragement, this group has proven to the world and perhaps more importantly themselves, exactly what they are capable of when they step out of their comfort zones and put even just a few weeks of time and effort into something.

If at such an early stage in their creative journey they can produce such original and substantial pieces, how much more could they accomplish with further encouragement and investment from the SHYPP media team?”


Media Mentors

What a few months its been!!!  Following on from our hugely successful performance ‘If You Walked a Mile in My Shoes” young people have performed at Ross library as part of the Space to Engage project which included a portrait exhibition and at Ledbury Poetry Festival, in front of impressive turnout at the largest of the festivals venues!

As part of SHYPP being the Three Choirs Festivals nominated charity http://www.3choirs.org, we were asked to put together a small singing group of staff and young people to perform as part of a larger orchestral performance of Never Failed Me Yet event, an amazing event and experience.

We also had the absolute pleasure of hosting Kate Romano from Goldfield Productions who delivered an shadow puppet workshop that has hugely inspired us!  Do visit her next show on the 4th August, tickets available here https://3choirs.org/whats-on/family-event-three-stories-about-home/

We’ve also been back in the studio @HerefordMAKE working on our next exhibition project “Midway Beyond” more on that soon inspired by the graffiti artist Retna – the work will develop into a larger exhibition product with internationally renowned artists!

More soon!




Mystical Mappa Mundi creatures at The Hereford River Carnival

Media Mentors


Not long to wait, its only a few days until the River Carnival on the 4th and 5th May. Here’s a film we made last year for our friends at the River Carnival showing the friday night lantern lit procession. Its on again, Friday May 4th at 8:30pm outside Hereford Cathedral.

Come along for a weekend in, on and around the beautiful River Wye this May Bank Holiday weekend for FREE family fun, live entertainment, the famous Friends of Castle Green dog show, food village, hEnergy village, and of course the street and river processions! If you’d like more information on both days exciting events head over here: bit.ly/2HrgJXy

🌎The World on the Wye🌍

For general information on the carnival check out their social media channels and website:
🐦Twitter: @wyecarnival
📷Instagram: wye_carnival
👍Facebook: River Carnival
💻Website: www.rivercarnival.org.uk

NEW Exhibition! Past Futures @ HARC

Media Mentors

The Past Futures exhibition showcases work created by young people accessing SHYPP.  The work is a contemporary response to the Herefordshire Archive and Research Centre in Rotherwas, Hereford.

Items were selected from the archive that had previously been discarded.  The aim was to re-purpose, rearrange and rethink these objects through individual creative responses.

The exhibition includes old maps, burnt parchment documents, discarded micro film, wax seals, marbling from old books and manipulated photographic imagery from the Derek Evans archive (with permission from Catcher Media’s Herefordshire Life Through A Lens Project).

Young people engaged in a series of workshops including forging, marbling, wax sealing, painting, photography, digital design and wood work.  All work was created at the excellent facilities at Hereford MAKE studios.

Get down there if you have the chance, its running from the 11th April – 6th May.


Space to Engage @ Herefordshire Libraries

Media Mentors

Presenting a gallery of images from the Space to Engage project with Herefordshire Libraries, that encourages young people marginalised from mainstream arts and education to find their voice. Furthering that idea, young people are supported to try various art forms in community spaces that give them a platform to safely share thoughts, experiences and aspirations; building confidence towards positive and inspirational futures. There will be three spoken word performances (led by Toni Cook) and photographic exhibitions (by Kie Cummings and film (by Rich Hankins) in each of the library spaces (Hereford, Ross, Leo) as young people communicate their thoughts, feelings and aspirations.  Hereford and Leominster exhibitions are currently on now, go check it out!