Photography 101 Arts Award Session 1 and 2

Arts Award

Today we started a 101 in Digital Photography

We explored the basic functions of a DSLR camera and the menu system for Canon DSLRs.

We discussed the Rule of Thirds and looked at examples online.

We then went out to take some practice shots, finding interesting shots in a mundane place (a carpark!) check out the images above for some examples.

Some of the images were printed to be added to Port Folio work.

Comments are good!


Livewire Jam Sessions – Arts Award Wk1

Arts Award

11.04.13IMG_0780 IMG_0782

We started the Bronze Arts Award today and one of our first activities was to visit a local arts event organsied by the Courtyard at Castle Green in Hereford.

The project is called Livewire and provides young people who are interested in developing their skills in music – playing instruments, singing, writing music, live performances – to have a space to Jam and get some advice and support from professional musicians and song coaches.

We took some photos and video footage.  See above.

Hopefully we will get the chance to film the next project in the summer and help with the final performance event.  More soon!