Short Film Showcase at Borderlines Film Festival 2019!

Media Mentors

Following on from our curated short film showcase at the B2 festival last year, Borderlines Film Festival approached us to do the same again at the main festival.  We put togther a selection of thought provoking, challenging, funny, sad and strange(!) films which we showcased at the Courtyard Studio yesterday to and audience of over 50 people!  We also used the opportunity to share about SHYPPs work and our next exhibition project – outdoor exhibition in Queenswood in April…

“Over a period of a few weeks we selected a number of short films to be compiled and shown within the Borderlines Film Festival. We felt “Dinner For Few” was particularly apt in the modern political climate and illustrated a seemingly inescapable cycle set in motion by those in authority. The graphic visual imagery and multiple layers of meaning worked together to create a strong impact on the audience and potentially challenge views or open minds to look at the ‘system’ more objectively – something which is increasingly important in the present day when many find it easier to close their minds out of fear.

“The Cat Piano” was similarly dark themed but had greater emphasis on spoken language in co-ordanance with fast moving graphic. We particularly liked the eloquence and poetic qualities as well as the contrasting style of animation the film possessed.

Two of us elected to stand up before the screening of the films we chose in order to talk about what we were there to show. There were about 60 people in the audience and it was very nerve-wracking standing up in front of so many people. Nevertheless, we were able to do it successfully. After the screening we spoke again about mediaSHYPP’S upcoming events – this time we felt more comfortable speaking because we had already done it once. In the end we were both glad we chose to do this because we are so passionate about the work we do both independently and with SHYPP”