Beyond The Lens: A contemporary response to the Derek Evans archive

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Hi all and a Merry Christmas!  Hopefully you’ve all had the chance to read our latest SHYPPing Forecast newsletter and have found out about what SHYPP have been up to over the last few months.  One highlight has been the opening of our Beyond The Lens Exhibition: A contemporary response to the Derek Evans archive, open until the 8th January.  Special thanks to Catcher Media who provided access to their Herefordshire Life Behind The Lens Project (Derek Evans archive) and The Courtyard for hosting our very ambitious vertical exhibition that aims to challenge the traditional presentation of art and photography.  Read the blog post below by Tori, a young  person involved in creating work for the exhibition.

Thanks! Kie

Blog post by Tori

I have really enjoyed my whole experience working on the Beyond The Lens: response to the Derek Evans Archive.

In Herefordshire Derek Evans was well known for his black and white photography, his  reportage and own experiences in images of Herefordshire capturing many treasurable moments.  Often his photographs show people around the county exploring and capturing peaceful atmospheres and people working with beautiful countryside that produces the nicest fresh fruit and hops for refreshments and other purposes.

I thought it was fun studying Derek Evans, I found it very challenging when thinking about the choices of images to work with as from them I wanted to select images that would create meaning for people to unfold and explore with an emotion connection to what they see.

I enjoyed working and learning some new techniques which helped me work independently on a piece of my own work, I found it very interesting to experiment with different surfaces and building up layers beneath to reveal an image coming through the paper to create texture beneath, this worked well to converge one image to the next. It was almost like seeing Hereford at different perspectives that are eye would be easily drawn into all the best heartfelt moments in its time.

The exhibition opening itself was an outstanding experience of my life, to see so many faces around me gazing their eyes up and down at our work was a great feeling.  It was nice for people to ask and questions about the project and what it was all about and how we got inspiration, so it was rewarding to explain our journey of experiences and how we got very far with our success and achievements we had put together over the following weeks that had passed. The work that got selected was a pleasure to be put up in Hereford’s biggest and most popular theatre where thousands of feet walk through.

I thought it was amazing to have feedback from the public which makes you realise your own success in something you enjoy they make you feel empowered from their words, it makes you wonder about what other opportunities there are in store, it almost makes you feel a sense that you can be unstoppable and can go beyond even your very best when you bring a positive attitude towards the project and the creation of art.