Next batch of Arts Awards underway!

Media Mentors



This morning we were at Hereford MAKE looking at the works of Jackson Pollock. Born in Wyoming in 1912, he was an American painter known for the abstract expressionist movement and his drip painting.

We decided to experiment with Pollock’s technique and make our own pieces of work. Using paints straight from the bottles, brushes etc, we covered paper in multi-colour producing a range of our own artwork using Pollock’s method.


I really enjoyed today as it was really enjoyable. Doing this experiment, I found a new style of art.


For me today has been really fun; to begin with there’s been so many types of art that I have already tried. I struggle to do new things but today I got the opportunity to do something I had never done before by being so active in my artwork, I also feel that it was a lot more passionate than a lot of other ways. I would usually paint as it had all my energy put into it and I loved seeing how mad and colourful not just mine but all the finished work was and how different they all were. I think I have learnt from this experience about my own style and what I like. I am inspired to do more pieces in the same or a similar style.

Thanks for reading – more soon!



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