#WhereAmI? Exhibition 1st August to 20th October 2017 at the Courtyard Hereford

Media Mentors

Where Am I?  Is an exploration of self and identity, place and environment, journeys and stories.

For our summer project, we teamed up with Jaime Jackson from New Leaf and the Treeline project and James Baker from Hereford MAKE to devise a new exhibition currently underway at the Courtyard Hereford in the excellent Gallery space (on the top floor).

We developed the concept earlier in the year following our last exhibition which focussed on our connection to the earth and environment as way to tell personal stories.  This time young people were challenged to think about their past, present and future either either on a personal level or collectively.

We planned a series of research sessions which included workshops and visits.  The facilities at Hereford MAKE provided us with opportunities to use different tools, machinery and techniques which opened up creative processes.  There was a continuous push to support and develop ideas almost without limitation, which was both liberating and challenging.  The results however, speak for themselves…please do visit and comment if you get the chance and share across social media.

The exhibition runs till the 31st August.

Below are some remarks from a few of the  11 young people who took part.

Thanks for reading!




Doing this project has helped me to lear how to use varying art forms including using Photoshop.  Being able to brainstorm with others enabled me to communicate ideas.

Was amazed to see my work displayed for the public to see and to see my final pieces transform into art.

I have always enjoyed being creative and using different art forms therefore doing this project has enabled me to convert expressions into art.

I would really like to do more projects as I have met a lot of new people and been able to use my creativity more frequently.

I would love to explore lots of different topics such as music, photography, film making and editing.

SOPHIE ____________________________________________________________________

I literally feel like Ive got my life back – Im stronger and more confident.  Im proud of what I’ve done, I never thought I could do anything arty,  Im inspired to do more, to sing more and smile more!  I feel lie I can face the world again without being scared or worried about what people think or what they say about me.



By doing this project I have gained more confidence in myself.  I have found that its not not as hard talking to people as I thought, and that I am a lot more confident in my behaviour and feelings.  For me the highlight of the project was being able to express my feelings through a painting and to then get the opportunity to display and share that piece with the public.  By being creative I have learned that even if you put specific thoughts and emotion into a piece others who vie wit will always differently and take from it what is relevant to them which is completely ok, which is a reason why art is so effective.

Im feeling really inspired to do more after this project.  I would like to do more projects similar to this one, and feel that after this I have a lot more ideas That I can work on developing and tweaking.  I want to develop the ideas I have but put them into a different kind of media and try to step out of my comfort zone to something I haven’t done before.



Ive gained a lot of confidence from doing this project, I have gained life skills towards my career direction. I feel more able to use photoshop.  I feel it has made a big impact on the work I have already done as I am getting recognised more through social media, it has also been great and so overwhelming to see my dream come true of displaying my work to so many people.I have developed my artistic knowledge of thinking more about different materials, machinery, tools and objects and just how exciting film can be to set a mood and an atmosphere.  Im really inspired to do more photography and to learn more about film, light painting and other new techniques.  What I hope to do next is to continue developing my skills and I already have learned to keep getting better to create more pieces  of work to show people.



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