WHERE AM I? Mixed Visual Arts exhibition @courtyardarts Hereford August 2017

Media Mentors

Where Am I is an exploration of self and identity, place and environment, journeys and stories.  Young people have found ways to articulate their voice relating to subjects that matter to them including from activism/campaigning to mental health.  Young people have been provided  with the freedom to interpret their own meaning of the theme resulting in varied mixed visual arts pieces.

The exhibition is a showcase of young talent, following meaningful creative experiences engaging in the mediaSHYPP project, supported by artist Jaime Jackson from Salt Road as part of the Treeline Project and Levi Cook local artist.

Read a few comments from some of the artists below and please come to the exhibition throughout August at The Courtyard Hereford.

Sophie Lyons

I have been working with mediaSHYPP for a long time now and its been great.  My work for the Where Am I? project is a description of who i am and how i have grown.  Ive chosen to mix differing art forms to reflect the development of my creativity.  This exhibition gives myself and others the opportunity to show our work to the public and I have enjoyed working on my final pieces.

Tori Simms 

My interpretation of the theme ‘Where I am?’ has been explored through my perspective of reality and a fantasy in past and present.  Images have been converged into thoughts and flashbacks grounded in what I see as a dream like world enclosed by the surrounding natural world.

Jarrod McCracken

I wanted to explore fluidity within movement and nature – my work is about the natural curves and textures of life.  I want my work to reflect elements of life change sinking loss and mourning.  Ive really enjoyed working with larger scale pieces.

Katie Whitelock

After recently moving on into my own accommodation following support from SHYPP I was interested find ways to highlight some of the issues relating to homelessness.  In particular I became aware of the Hidden Homeless term which I used to develop my interactive piece one relation to social media.



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