“My Voice” project performance + screening at Courtyard Hereford

Media Mentors

There literally wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Deeply emotional, powerful, engaging and simply awe inspiring. Young people stood infront of a crowd of over 100 people packed into the always helpful and supportive Courtyard Hereford, and spoke from their hearts. Pain, happiness, regret, optimism – such colour, contrast and vibrance within their words. Each of the young people supported and lead by the ever energetic, efficient and skilful Toni Cook @tonicook4 performed a number of spoken word style poems, passages and thought amidst a backdrop of electronic music (that they had created with music and food community legend Murf @thebeefyboys). Photographs and video footage were shown on the huge screen – stunning personal portraits and close shot black and white videos by Kie @mediaSHYPP_Kie and Rich @mediashypp invited the audience into their world. Visit SHYPPs other blog soon to read the comments from the audience http://www.shyppblog.wordpress.com

In the mean time read these comments from young people involved in the project below

“I have been able to connect with people more and have taken to heart their perspectives about strength.”

“My Voice project has meant the world to me. It learnt me to never give up and the things that matter the most.”

“It was a good experience to hear what all the others had to share about their past experiences. The presentation was amazing, all the hard work definitely showed at the end.”

“I would like to continue writing and have another chance to do music but also do some filming.”

“I’m glad it’s opened up to other projects such as poetry slams and voice acting interest.
I’ll be forever grateful to everyone that participated and all involved.”

“I didn’t think this process would have a huge impact on my life but I was wrong massively!!! I would like to continue writing poetry and being involved in more projects!”

From @levicooke local artist engaged in creating a large scale piece for the event:-

“Working with the guys from SHYPP on this project has been an eye opening experience to say the least. I have been able to get to know some of them and learn some of their stories. And watching some of the staff encourage and build up everyone around them, its such a great thing to witness.
On the night of the show the young people really opened up and it was such a privilege to be part of something so real, and so honest. It made me realise how important things like SHYPP are and how much of a difference they make.”


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