WHAT A YEAR! #exhibition #photography #art Courtyard Hereford @courtyardarts

Media Mentors

What a few weeks! What a few months!… actually what a year!!! Please take some to to visit our previous posts on the mediaSHYPP Blog -from the campaign films against cuts to our services, to our recent film screenings at the Courtyard and everything in between – its been a busy year! And what better way to end the year than a blog about our current exhibition showcasing the work young people have created. The exhibition was extended until the new year by the management of the Courtyard as they felt it was of such high quality, we really appreciate this recognition and thank the Courtyard for allowing the exhibition to take place. Anyway, a bit about the exhibition its self:-

The art, photography and sculpture work has been produced by young people accessing the SHYPP project http://www.shypp.co.uk and was delivered and facilitated by the media SHYPP team.

The project encouraged young people to make personal reflections upon their own life story and histories, making representations and meaning through art and links to nature. In particular the life source of trees.

For many of the young people involved this was the first time that they have engaged in creative activities of this nature and the first time they have exhibited work.

The tree sculpture has been forged locally under the supervision of Hereford MAKE http://www.herefordmake.co.uk and sculptured by hand using recycled materials kindly loaned by Wye Valley Reclamation 701. The uniformity of the twisted roots represent our positive memories of who we are, where we came from. As the roots split and unwind, we are reminded of personal tragedies, difficult choices and unknown futures. The trunk bares marks left by growing, yet is strong and definite. The branches represent who we become, that we are not defined by our roots – they represent what we choose for the future – there is a delicate beauty amidst the gnarly twists and turns, offering a positive take on the future as the tree continues to grow and bare fruit.

The art work was created in partnership with local artist Levi Cooke who taught techniques and approaches as well as conceptual thought. For commissions contact:-Facebook.com/LeviCooke.art Instagram: @leviostar1 Levi.cooke@yahoo.co.uk

The photographs were produced during Arts Award session delivery and were kindly printed by PIP printing Hereford – thank you to all the staff at PIP.

We are looking for donations to cover the costs of the exhibition. Please search for SHYPP on btmydonate.com and/or contact Kie directly by email – kie.cummings@wmhousing.co.uk to discuss donations/prints/future exhibitions.

Please spread the word – visit the Courtyard, leave a comment share across social media.

Merry Christmas!


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