An aspiring Director of Photography

Media Mentors

Since April we have been working on a film project that is funded by Into Film.  The brief was to get young people to come up with a film idea and then create it.   The result is a modern day retelling of the Hansel and Gretel story, called “Two Kids Lost” We are now in post production and the film will premiere at The Courtyard in September.  Michael is a key person in the film and here is some of his story.

For the last few months I have been involved with the process of storyboarding the film with a number of young people in Hereford, poem sessions with a famous UK based poet called Joelle Taylor, location scouting and working with a UK acclaimed film director, Lisle Turner who has had his films well reviewed by Mark Kermode. From start to finish this whole film was great fun to work on, meeting new people in the film industry and final trying out my cinematography skills in a professional environment.

My main role when making the film was director of photography. This involved practising all of the film shots on location before shooting the film to get an idea of what shots we wanted in the final film and what shots worked and didn’t work. Many lenses and a few different types of film cameras were used in the process and in the final film, as each one of the several cameras used all have there own perks and reasons for using them such as higher frame rates or recording in 4K (Ultra High Definition).

The film shoot was done in a short time frame as many actors and film crew members couldn’t get time off work or were not available for the shoot days, which meant we shot the whole film in 4 long days, two of which were the hottest days of the year. Ignoring the incredible heat, the filming was great fun – moving all over Herefordshire filming in some amazing location and generally having fun with the crew and actors.

This was definitely an experience I would love to relive again and would highly recommend it to other people even if it just running on a film set or just helping with the initial ideas for the film.

Many thanks to MediaShypp and the Director, Toni Cook.

By Michael Bashir-White


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