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Media Mentors

Over the last year SHYPP have helped me in finding accommodation, managing money and helping me to find a purpose in life. They and their media team have trigger my creative ambitions once again. MediaSHYPP, and their team of creative professionals have shown me the real photographic and cinema-graphic industry’s, giving me the experience in working with short films and photo-shoots and travelling around the West Midlands.

Becoming homeless, like a lot of young people today I didn’t realize I wasn’t doing the things that I used to enjoy and when I tried I couldn’t stay concentrated and wasn’t engaged. Not realising that this was even happening I joined mediaShypp and started an Arts Award by Trinity College London and within a few short weeks I started to pursue photography again.

The atmosphere and calmness of the sessions make you feel welcome whatever your circumstances, you can work at your own pace, doing your own projects with as little of as much help as you want or need.

After months of no photography, I found myself surrounded in an art gallery staring at my own work, being asked for prints and being offered commissioned photography jobs.

One thing led to another and I started to reapply to university which I had refused to do up to this point. Building and creating two portfolios of most recent and best work. I attended two university’s and their interviews. Then completely unexpectedly I was offered an unconditional offer surprising myself, family and friends.

The course that’ll i’ll be studying this fall is Marine and Natural History Photography in Falmouth. What this course means to me is that ill be able to study at my dream university, and the course I’ve wanted for the last 3 years. By doing this it will help me to pursue and accomplish my future career working globally with wildlife conservations and film companies.

A genuine thank you to Kie and Richard from MediaSHYPP and SHYPP staff for all of their support, help and kindness they have given me over the last year.


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