#Hashtag Anti Bullying Film

Media Mentors

IMG_2240Currently we have been working on a short anti-bulling film with MediaSHYPP. For the last few weeks a small team of young people and the MediaSHYPP staff have been working on a narrative and storyboard for the film. Over the period of the those few weeks the story has changed in many different ways, with help from some professionals in the media industry we collectively developed a finished screenplay for our film and started filming.

With regards to locations of the film, we decided to film Ledbury market theatre as we wanted an artistic representation of social media including vintage ways of accessing social media and the internet and the use of theatre seats to represent an audience watching the film. We had use of a fog machine to aid with the eerie visual of a person being connected to the internet, it is a very effective way of creating such an atmosphere with little effort.

The next thing to do is for us to record the voice overs to go with the bits that we have so far filmed. We also have some more filming to do for the last section of our short film.

Watch this space! Our short film will hopefully be screened near you, so keep your eyes peeled for any more posts on this…


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