#photography #exhibition @HfdLeftbank with @mediashypp

Media Mentors

Hey I’m Michael, I’ve been participating in a the Silver Arts Award for the last few months with Media SHYPP. Throughout this educational journey I’ve learnt new skills and knowledge such as the importance of time management! However, my favourite and most the beneficial part of this course to me was setting up the Exhibition that Media SHYPP hosted last week as the Left Bank. This was my first exhibition and the first time that my work has ever been open to the public to see. As any person would be, I was very nervous about the whole thing but as I got used to seeing my own work printed in a large format on the walls I got more comfortable with other people seeing it and asking me questions about the process of making the photos and my drive to peruse photography.

As a whole I see this as a vital stepping stone or even chapter towards me achieving a place at University next September, where I hope to study Marine and Natural Wildlife Photography in Falmouth.

Here are some quotes from the event:

“The success of the exhibition clearly demonstrates that there is a need in Herefordshire to provide outlets for young artists, photographers and film makers to share their work. At mediaSHYPP we are absolutely convinced about the positive role the creative process can have for people experiencing difficulties in their lives. We hope that we can draw attention to their talent and provide a platform that challenges common misconceptions about youth as well as giving recognition to individual and collective achievement. De Koffie Pot at the Leftbank were fantastic hosts for the event providing a truly classy environment and phenomenal catering – we are looking forward to the upcoming live music events quiz nights and well being classes.”
Kie Cummings, Arts Award / Training Facilitator, mediaSHYPP

“I was so pleased to be invited to the Shypp awards evening and see how a supportive and loving organisation can help young people turn their lives around. Its a really hard time to be young and especially hard for those who have had some hard knocks on the way. I was struck by the hardship many had experienced in their lives. We should all be involved in helping these amazing people from out own community reach their potential.”
Jess MacKenzie, Artistic Director, About Face Theatre Company

“It was a pleasure to visit the mediashypp art exhibition and attend the SHYPP award presentation to witness the success of the young people. It’s uplifting to hear how they have overcome difficulties with support from SHYPP and so important that their achievements are celebrated, to inspire them and others further, and that their progress is recorded in this way. Well done”
Dave Marshall, Associate, The Bulmer Foundation


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