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Open Mic Night – Nov 1st

For those of you who don’t know, I’m Sophie and I’m 19 years old and I’m a huge dork.

On the 1st of November I put myself on the metaphorical sacrificial alter and sang in front of an audience for the first time at Leominster’s Open Mic Night.

I practiced as much and as hard as I possibly and I managed to wake up the morning of Open Mic Night with a nasty cold. Luckily, I had one sachet of Beechams’ on hand to cure the problem a little before I had to sing. Thankfully, the practice in my bedroom as I was deciding whether to dress casually or make a big effort, wasn’t as awful as I’d expected.

After spending a good hour or so on making sure I would look relatively decent on camera and under the stage lights, I made my way down to the Leominster Community Centre, which is where the event was held. I was a good half an hour early, just to be certain I couldn’t back out of it at the last minute.

The nerves really kicked in when other performers and audience members began to pile in. We ended with an audience of about 20 people, which was pretty good for Leominster, I’d say. As the show began with an introduction from Chrisie, a good friend of mine and the one who had arranged the Open Mic Night, my nerves really took a hold of me. I was quite literally shaking in my boots.

Several trips to the bathroom to calm down and my time to shine hit me like a train. I couldn’t really see too much of the audience because the lights were shining on my glasses and then the music (Paramore – The Only Exception) started. All my life choices now seemed wrong in that moment, even the ones that were unrelated to singing. At the same time I was counting myself in so that I wouldn’t miss the first line of the song, how embarrassing would that have been? I managed to finish the song without mishap, though I was very aware of the fact my legs were shaking a whole lot and that I was nervously twiddling my fingers as I sang, but hey, I managed to sing the song, which was the point.

A round of applause and then I was back to sitting with my SHYPP Arts Award media group (and Michael), who had kindly come along to support me and made me feel amazing after the first song, though I was still recovering from the nervous shaking as the interlude passed through.

Three acts into the second half of Open Mic Night and I had my second song to sing (The Carpenters – Please, Mr Postman) and I was still not ready. My confidence was a little higher up than the first song, so I started with a smile. I felt like I got through the second song so much better, I wasn’t shaking so much and I wasn’t so tense, which helped with my voice, I think.

Another lot of applause and I rejoined what was left of the media group to get another bunch of praise and compliments on how good I sounded, a huge boost to my ego, of course.

I couldn’t thank the SHYPP Arts Award media group enough for being there for me, it was difficult, but I made it and you helped my confidence grow in just a single evening with kind words.

To those who performed at and watched Open Mic Night in Leominster on November 1st, thank you for being so kind and entertaining! All of the acts brought something interesting to the evening and I had so much fun watching you and knowing more about what you do.

I’m very excited for the next Open Mic Night and I will definitely be singing again.

Until next time, Folks!

Follow Sophie at her blog http://voiceofsophie.blogspot.co.uk


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