Food Scarcity Project #foodbanks

Media Mentors


This is a shortened version of a piece that we will be exhibiting in Winterbourne House (botanical gardens and house open it the public with over 60000 visitors per year!)    as part of a exhibition with Birmingham University.  We have been working on a project called Food Scarcity, with local artist Jaime Jackson, for part of the project we took pictures of our selfs and we were able to edit them by gluing several pictures related to food banks over our bodies. After the pictures were finished we photo scanned them onto the computer and edited them further using photoshop and After Effects.  We were also able to view and edit pictures of the previous people who

had contributed themselves to the project. On a different day we had to go out and take footage of flowers, bushes and tree branches in order to have background detail. It was especially interesting being able to discuss ideas with the the artist himself and we were happy to find that he had taken little ideas from all of us and incorporated them into the final exhibition. Ideas such as grouping all of the people onto one screen and creating movement and a kaleidoscope effect.  Last week we were able to view part of the our work which was exhibited at the Grange visitors centre in Leominster, it felt good to see our work being shown on wide screen at the centre.

More soon

Kyan and Andrew


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