Hereford #rivercarnival Vox Pops!

Media Mentors


We had a great day filming as part of crew for the Hereford River Carnival on the 2nd May.  We aimed to shoot and edit two short clips in the same day!  We discussed in a group how we would approach the day, looked at specific equipment, assigned roles and created a series of questions for different members of the public.  We split into two teams – editing and filming, we shot footage in the morning and then returned to edit, then took further footage for a second edit on the afternoon – It was hard work!

We also created a pop up cinema style event showcasing films from local film makers, it was well attended throughout and gave us good opportunities to practice for other similar events in the future.  Our own ‘The Story of Mary and Joe’ went down very well, every seat was filled!

It was great that the Left Bank allowed us to be based at their Courtyard, such a good location and venue.

Looking forward to next year already!!!

Media Interns


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