Film Review – The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

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HI!  Welcome to our first film review!  We hope you enjoy it, share if you like, add a comment too!

Media Interns – Wyatt, Jess, Kendall


Peter Jackson returns with strong hearted shire-dweller Bilbo Baggins in the third and final instalment of the epic Hobbit trilogy.

Peter Jackson the director of the original Lord Of The Rings trilogy, ends one of the largest grossing film franchises of all time ($5+ billion), raising the bar for epic fantasy story telling and perhaps defining the modern fantasy genre.

The starts not surprisingly, where the last film ends, with an awoken Smaug, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, causing chaos  throughout the panic stricken Laketown, with its inhabitants trying to flee (in vein) from the dragons fiery wrath. The relentless pace of the film is apparent from this opening scene as the film barely comes up for a breath throughout.

Meanwhile, Bilbo and his company follow their Dwarven King Thorin Oakenshield to the city of Erebor, whom is consumed by his newly gained power, wealth and greed. Bilbo has a secret to hide from his fellow companions…

The inevitable battle of the approaching five armies begins on the doorstep of the Dwarven king’s regained kingdom, the battle revolves around the riches that lie within Erebor and the entire fate of Middle-Earth.

As usual the CGI was compelling, especially during the concluding battle, further appreciated in 3D viewing, with vivid, beautifully composed scenes and landscapes, allowing you to become truly immersed into the Middle-Earth experience for the final time.

Overall, the film has brought us to a fairly satisfactory conclusion to Tolkien’s prequel to the Lord Of The Rings, executed beautifully with the style and panache we’ve all become accustomed to with Jackson’s vision.  Although be warned if you are expecting great surprises then look elsewhere as this follows the tried and tested formula, but then again why wouldn’t it?

We did feel however that there were far too many similarities/reflections to LoTR – HERE BE SPOILERS! HIGHLIGHTED IN RED, SO SKIP TO THE LAST PARAGRAPH IF YOU HAVENT YET SEEN THE FILM!!! :-

-Eagles save the day…AGAIN!  Why couldn’t they just come at the start of the battles and save loads of lives?

-Thorins ‘dragon sickness’ = King Theoden’s sickness from LoTR

-Grima ‘Wormtongue’ to Theoden = ‘Alfrid’ to Stephen Fry’s Master of Laketown.

-The end battle is just too reminiscent of Helms Deep

-The elves came again to help… but there are trust issues…again…

-Tauriels forbidden love for Kili = Arwens forbidden love for Aragorn

 -Its not the first time Gandalf has started imprisoned onto of a tower…

Although overall the film was extremely entertaining, for us, it didn’t stay quite true enough to the original book adding unnecessary long drawn out fight sequences and additional scenes including characters that made no appearance in the book. Towards the end we became desensitised to the relentless action that steered too far from the characters and their journey.

However this is still without doubt the greatest realisation on film of the Tolkien novels and perhaps some of the greatest fantasy genres films of all time…only time will tell.




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