Back from Uni to say Hello!!! oh and Photomarathon 2014!

Media Mentors

Hello everyone!

Marek Here!!! I recently left Hereford and MediaSHYPP for studious university life in Cardiff, studying the new and exciting course of BA Artist Designer: Maker.
I’m just finishing my first term, exploring a huge range of art & design from traditional woodwork, throwing and ceramics, stitch and metal, to progressive and almost futuristic 3D printing, CAD and sound art.

However, I’ve just realised how important role photography and media are having in my life, and especially in such a dynamic, absorbing and devoted group of people as is the MediaSHYPP.
That’s why I’ll try and be involved with the MediaSHYPP as much as possible, at film shootings, workshops and events.

Right now, MediaSHYPP is planning a new and exciting event: PHOTOMARATHON, which would be open to everyone, with any skill in photography, even with the camera on your phone.
It would be a jolly day involving running around Hereford, taking photos for a number of themes, depending only on YOU how you will interpret it!

I’m awaiting with excitement to help organise this fun competition for December 2014.

Best wishes


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