LiveWire Project Promo Easter 2014

Media Mentors

LiveWire is an event where young people get together and create original music over a couple of weeks and prepare for a gig on the last day. The genre of the music is varied and the skill of the musicians doesnt matter as they are learning to make music as a group.

For this event we had to film over three days at The Friends Of  Castle Green Hereford, capturing the progress these musicians were making, from writing to rehearsing. The filming involved live music, interviews and writing sessions filmed within three rooms.

The main live performance took place in The Jailhouse nightclub,  where we filmed bands and musicians preparing and performing in front of an audience. We also took some interviews of the bands before and after they performed asking how they felt, expectations and  if they achieved any goals. The whole event was a great success.

My involvment of this event was filming people performing and having a good time, shots of the audience and helping with sound and filming during interviews.

I have had experience filming in The Jailhouse before for live music so this time I knew what to expect, but this time I wanted to use the new tecniques which I have learned to take my filming to the next level and overal make a better final piece. Looking back at the footage, I, along with the other in the team, think this has been achieved.

Ash W


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