Arts Award Silver + Exhibition review

Media Mentors

I am writing to say about how the Arts Award Silver went and the success of our exhibition in Leominster.

As a group we all put a lot of effort to get this done and the gallery was a complete success, despite a few minor problems, but this to me encouraged us to remake plans and work harder to achieve our goals. A lot of effort went into making all of this happen, booking a space, choosing and setting up photos, sorting out films to be displayed etc.

My personal favourite thing about this experience was displaying our work and having feedback which was really great and also inspiring as it shows I can go out there and make some really good art work on my own initiative.

~Ashley Webb

My favourite part of the Silver Arts Award was the learning and explorational process; learning about photography and how to use DSLR camera which extended my creative practice and helped me to express myself and be more creative. The fact that I could exhibit my work and get some feedback pushed me to extend my practice in photography and explore the art of ‘painting with light’ (photography) even more!

-Marek Liska



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