Orchard Art

Media Mentors


last thursday we had an amazing opportunity to film an exiting charity event in Hereford Cathedral as part of the Orchard Art programme which is organised by Bulmer Foundation.

It was a great learning experience as we got to film interesting event in spectacular space of the cathedral and meet members of the Heineken family as well as the participants of the project.

Look at a few of the photos from the event.

We are really looking forward to seeing what the final film looks like as we enjoyed it ever so much.

– Conan And Marek


Digital Timer Remote – Time Lapse practice shots

Media Mentors

This is the first attempt at a Time Lapse using our new remote – an unbranded device from Amazon costing £15.

It was pretty easy to set up and although no instructions came with the remote (!) we were able to set it up quickly.

We bascially mounted the DSLR onto a tripod, adjusted the exposure and used auto focus initially then switched to manual.

We set the timer to take a shot every 4 seconds, we chose trafic to show movement, theres also some cloud movement in the background the we will focus on more next time.

We want to do some dusk/twilight city shots of Hereford, lets us know of any good location ideas for this.

Come back soon for more.

Scouting locations for the NOVA Training film

Media Mentors

We recently went on a reconnaissance “reccy” mission scouting for locations to shoot the NOVA Film.

The film will feature a young person from NOVA showing his BMX skills, but unfortunately he could not be there, so instead we took this as an opportunity to practise different shots.

It was a good day to develop our photographic skills as we had a empty location and time to learn.

Overall we had an enjoyable experience, check out the photos.

– Conan And Marek