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What a few weeks! What a few months!… actually what a year!!! Please take some to to visit our previous posts on the mediaSHYPP Blog -from the campaign films against cuts to our services, to our recent film screenings at the Courtyard and everything in between – its been a busy year! And what better way to end the year than a blog about our current exhibition showcasing the work young people have created. The exhibition was extended until the new year by the management of the Courtyard as they felt it was of such high quality, we really appreciate this recognition and thank the Courtyard for allowing the exhibition to take place. Anyway, a bit about the exhibition its self:-

The art, photography and sculpture work has been produced by young people accessing the SHYPP project http://www.shypp.co.uk and was delivered and facilitated by the media SHYPP team.

The project encouraged young people to make personal reflections upon their own life story and histories, making representations and meaning through art and links to nature. In particular the life source of trees.

For many of the young people involved this was the first time that they have engaged in creative activities of this nature and the first time they have exhibited work.

The tree sculpture has been forged locally under the supervision of Hereford MAKE http://www.herefordmake.co.uk and sculptured by hand using recycled materials kindly loaned by Wye Valley Reclamation 701. The uniformity of the twisted roots represent our positive memories of who we are, where we came from. As the roots split and unwind, we are reminded of personal tragedies, difficult choices and unknown futures. The trunk bares marks left by growing, yet is strong and definite. The branches represent who we become, that we are not defined by our roots – they represent what we choose for the future – there is a delicate beauty amidst the gnarly twists and turns, offering a positive take on the future as the tree continues to grow and bare fruit.

The art work was created in partnership with local artist Levi Cooke who taught techniques and approaches as well as conceptual thought. For commissions contact:-Facebook.com/LeviCooke.art Instagram: @leviostar1 Levi.cooke@yahoo.co.uk

The photographs were produced during Arts Award session delivery and were kindly printed by PIP printing Hereford – thank you to all the staff at PIP.

We are looking for donations to cover the costs of the exhibition. Please search for SHYPP on btmydonate.com and/or contact Kie directly by email – kie.cummings@wmhousing.co.uk to discuss donations/prints/future exhibitions.

Please spread the word – visit the Courtyard, leave a comment share across social media.

Merry Christmas!

#art #photography #sculpture #exhibition @courtyardarts 12-19th December

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We are having our next exhibition next week at the Courtyard Hereford.

Young people have worked with multi media art forms including photography, art and sculpture.

The concept for the work relates to representations of life and personal histories through nature.

The gnarly roots of the sculpture of the tree show our joint turbulent past as well as our securities – where we came from, how they define but do not limit who we are as we grow, represented by the random forged branches.

Come and see they work – share across social media, create a buzz – leave us a comment, you feedback is always appreciated:)

Merry Christmas too!art-photography-and-sculpture


#TwoKidsLost is live

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Two kids lost                Two kids scared               Two kids lonely               No one cared

Our latest film, Two Kids Lost is live. Its been made by young people working with SHYPP and other youth projects and it’s great to work again with Toni Cook after the success of our previous film “The Story of Mary and Joe”.  The project has consisted of over 30 sessions, working with a core group of 10, 16 to 19 year olds, 4 young mentors and 3 filmmakers.

The young people have been involved in all stages of the project from coming up with the concept, writing the script, location scouting, acting, shooting, directing, editing and composing the music.  We were fortunate to be able to work with the poet, Joelle Taylor who helped us get our words down on paper.  We also spent time with Lisle Turner, director, who helped us to develop the script and supported us throughout the filming process.

We started back in April when the young people first got together, shot the film over the 3 hottest days of the summer and then culminated in September when we showed the film to a packed out studio at The Courtyard Hereford.  Its was satisfying to see everyone’s hard work shown on a cinema screen.  We had so much positive feedback and you can watch a short film of the event by following a link at the bottom of the page.

There are so many people who contributed to the film and we have tried to include everyone in the credits.  We would like to thank our funders, Into Film for all of their support and help to get the film made.  The biggest thanks go to all the young people who created the film, we learnt a lot from each other, can’t wait for the next project.

You can watch Two Kids Lost by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.  If you want to watch it in all its glory on the big screen its being shown again at The Courtyard Hereford before all of their showings of Ken Loach’s “I, Daniel Blake” later this month.

SHYPP inspires young people to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.  If you want to help future SHYPP projects please consider donating or becoming a Friend of SHYPP.

Sit back and enjoy the film.

Previous posts from the project
1. Film of the premiere at The Courtyard Hereford in September.
2. Michael’s post on being the director of photography on the film.
3. Blog of Joelle Taylor helping us on the poetry for the script.
4. Behind the scenes film of Two Kids Lost.

Two Kids Lost is a modern day retelling of the story of Hansel and Gretel where two sisters find their home life with dad and stepmother intolerable. Rejected and removed from home they embark on a journey to discover who they really want to be.

Using poetry as the narrative the film explores their isolation, fear and questions if they are the only ones experiencing these feelings.

Two Kids Lost is collaboration between mediaSHYPP and Toni Cook working with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people from across Herefordshire aged 16-19. The young people have created all aspects of the film from poetry to sound design, actors to storytellers, camera operators and editors under the guidance of the professional team from mediaSHYPP and Toni.

After its premiere in Hereford in September the piece will be performed at Ledbury Poetry Festival 2017 with live elements, echoing the very successful Story of Mary and Joe made by the same team in 2015.

This project takes place with help from Into Film an organisation supported by the BFI through lottery funding which seeks to put film at the heart of young people learning and development.

About Into Film  Into Film seeks to put film at the heart of children and young people’s learning and cultural experience.  Our ambitious UK-wide programme provides 5-19 year olds with unparalleled opportunities to see, think, make and imagine, contributing to their educational, cultural, creative and personal development. We will achieve this by working with the education and informal youth sectors to support and promote learning through and about film. Partnering with industry to enhance the appreciation and understanding of film. Taking advantage of the learning solutions made possible by digital technology. Into Film incorporates the legacy of two leading film education charities, First Light and FILMCLUB, and works with a range of partners in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Into Film is supported by the BFI, together with funding from the film industry and a number of other sources. Into Film is a trading name of Film Nation UK.



An aspiring Director of Photography

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Since April we have been working on a film project that is funded by Into Film.  The brief was to get young people to come up with a film idea and then create it.   The result is a modern day retelling of the Hansel and Gretel story, called “Two Kids Lost” We are now in post production and the film will premiere at The Courtyard in September.  Michael is a key person in the film and here is some of his story.

For the last few months I have been involved with the process of storyboarding the film with a number of young people in Hereford, poem sessions with a famous UK based poet called Joelle Taylor, location scouting and working with a UK acclaimed film director, Lisle Turner who has had his films well reviewed by Mark Kermode. From start to finish this whole film was great fun to work on, meeting new people in the film industry and final trying out my cinematography skills in a professional environment.

My main role when making the film was director of photography. This involved practising all of the film shots on location before shooting the film to get an idea of what shots we wanted in the final film and what shots worked and didn’t work. Many lenses and a few different types of film cameras were used in the process and in the final film, as each one of the several cameras used all have there own perks and reasons for using them such as higher frame rates or recording in 4K (Ultra High Definition).

The film shoot was done in a short time frame as many actors and film crew members couldn’t get time off work or were not available for the shoot days, which meant we shot the whole film in 4 long days, two of which were the hottest days of the year. Ignoring the incredible heat, the filming was great fun – moving all over Herefordshire filming in some amazing location and generally having fun with the crew and actors.

This was definitely an experience I would love to relive again and would highly recommend it to other people even if it just running on a film set or just helping with the initial ideas for the film.

Many thanks to MediaShypp and the Director, Toni Cook.

By Michael Bashir-White


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Media Mentors

Over the last year SHYPP have helped me in finding accommodation, managing money and helping me to find a purpose in life. They and their media team have trigger my creative ambitions once again. MediaSHYPP, and their team of creative professionals have shown me the real photographic and cinema-graphic industry’s, giving me the experience in working with short films and photo-shoots and travelling around the West Midlands.

Becoming homeless, like a lot of young people today I didn’t realize I wasn’t doing the things that I used to enjoy and when I tried I couldn’t stay concentrated and wasn’t engaged. Not realising that this was even happening I joined mediaShypp and started an Arts Award by Trinity College London and within a few short weeks I started to pursue photography again.

The atmosphere and calmness of the sessions make you feel welcome whatever your circumstances, you can work at your own pace, doing your own projects with as little of as much help as you want or need.

After months of no photography, I found myself surrounded in an art gallery staring at my own work, being asked for prints and being offered commissioned photography jobs.

One thing led to another and I started to reapply to university which I had refused to do up to this point. Building and creating two portfolios of most recent and best work. I attended two university’s and their interviews. Then completely unexpectedly I was offered an unconditional offer surprising myself, family and friends.

The course that’ll i’ll be studying this fall is Marine and Natural History Photography in Falmouth. What this course means to me is that ill be able to study at my dream university, and the course I’ve wanted for the last 3 years. By doing this it will help me to pursue and accomplish my future career working globally with wildlife conservations and film companies.

A genuine thank you to Kie and Richard from MediaSHYPP and SHYPP staff for all of their support, help and kindness they have given me over the last year.